Tunbridge Wells Builders is run by Henry Judd Building Co. who have extensive experience in the building industry. We are backed up by experienced craftsmen and we work as a team to complete all our clients’ projects to an exceptionally high standard.

We have also developed a strong network of other professionals who play an important role in the construction supply chain. These include architects, surveyors, structural engineers, and planning control officials. This means that we are able to provide a comprehensive Design and Build service that not only takes away the stress from our clients, but also means that we can deliver jobs faster and at lower cost.

As true professionals should be, we are proud of what we do, and we are passionate about delivering jobs that our clients are proud of too. Most of our contracts are awarded as a result of word of mouth, and we consider our customers to be our best ambassadors.  We are happy to provide their testimonials to any potential clients and we invite you to browse through our current portfolio of competed projects.

We operate a continual quality improvement policy and keep up with the latest development in the building and construction industries. We always use quality materials and refuse to take shortcuts it they are likely to compromise the quality of the work. All our pricing is competitive, and our quotations do not have hidden extras or other surprises.

In today’s building industry honesty and integrity are valuable assets, and we pride ourselves in have both of them in abundance. Being able to trust your builder is extremely important, and it is unfortunate that the integrity of the industry has been compromised by some people who don’t uphold such standards. You can rest assured that you can trust Tunbridge Wells Builders; all our customers and suppliers do.

Finally, our target is to deliver the best possible job on time and to budget. We are happy to state that we always hit our target. For you peace of mind, we are fully insured against all eventualities