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Why Choose TW Builders Kent


Tunbridge Wells Builders are completely trustworthy, honest and dependable. For us that is the only way to be, and it is how we are with not only all our clients but also with all the other people we deal with such as our suppliers and other professionals who we work with. We know how important it is to be able to trust your builder; our clients trust us, which is one of the reasons why we are their number one choice when they need more work carried out; that and our excellent quality of workmanship.


We are passionate about what we do. By being so we have found that it inspires others to have the same attitude. We consider all who we work with, including our suppliers, architects and other professionals, to be part of the team. Our aim is to always deliver a top quality job at a competitive price, and to deliver the best possible value to our customers. It is through what they tell their friends and family about Tunbridge Wells Builders, and the quality of our work, that most of our jobs come from.


We believe in continual quality improvement. We know that when people get complacent about what they do, standards tend to fall. We always try to do better and we aim to get things right the first time around. We continually look for possible ways of improving and implement them when we find them. If they turn out to be better, then we adopt them as part of our normal practice. This way we keep up with the latest advances in the industry and deliver the best possible job to our clients.

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Tunbridge Wells Builders is run by professional builders who have extensive experience in the industry and are fully City and Guilds qualified. We are backed up by experienced craftsmen and we work as a team to complete all our clients’ projects to an exceptionally high standard.

We have also developed a strong network of other professionals who play an important role in the construction supply chain. These include architects, surveyors, structural engineers, and planning control officials.

This means that we are able to provide a comprehensive Design and Build service that not only takes away the stress from our clients, but also means that we can deliver jobs faster and at lower cost.